Petro Chemicals


Empowering Industries with High-Quality Olefins

As a leading provider of petrochemical solutions, we take pride in offering top-quality olefin products that fuel industries worldwide.

  1. Ethylene: Used in the production of polyethylene, precursor for a wide range of chemicals and plastics
  2. Propylene: Crucial for producing polypropylene, a versatile plastic used in packaging, textiles, and automotive parts. Serves as a feedstock for producing acrylics, adhesives, and coatings. Used in the manufacture of automotive fuel additives and synthetic lubricants. With Commodities Just Imagine’s unwavering commitment to excellence and reliability, trust us to meet your Olefins needs with precision and efficiency. 
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Aromatic Solutions Redefined

Step into the aromatic world of Commodities Just Imagine.

  1. Benzene: Key ingredient in the production of plastics, synthetic fibers, and rubber. Used in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and dyes industries. Versatile solvent in industrial processes and chemical synthesis.
  2. Toluene: Essential component in the production of adhesives, paints, and coatings, as a solvent in printing inks, nail polish removers, and fragrances, Feedstock for the manufacturing of explosives.
  3. Xylene: Important solvent in the production of paints, varnishes, and cleaning agents. Used as a component in polyester fibers, plastics, and rubber. Key ingredient in the formulation of aviation fuels and automotive gasoline additives.

Elevate Your Processes with Just Imagine's Solvents

Used from cleaning to pharmaceuticals and beyond, drive efficiency and productivity.

  1. Ethanol: Derived from agricultural feedstocks such as corn or sugarcane. Used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics personal care
  2. Acetone: Solvent and chemical intermediate, essential in the production of plastics, fibers, and pharmaceuticals. Widely used in nail polish removers, paint thinners, and cleaning agents due to its strong solvency & rapid evaporation rate.
  3. Methanol: Solvent and feedstock in the production of chemicals, plastics, and synthetic fibers. Used in manufacturing of formaldehyde, acetic acid, and biodiesel, serving as a precursor and reactant. Used as a solvent in the production of paints, varnishes, and printing inks, offering excellent solvency and volatility.
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Cultivate Success with Our Premium Fertilizers

Embark on a journey of agricultural abundance with Commodities Just Imagine’s Fertilizers:

  1. Ammonia: Primary component in the production of nitrogen-based fertilizers, such as urea and ammonium nitrate. Enhances soil fertility by providing essential nitrogen nutrients to plants for robust growth and development.
  2. Urea: Widely used nitrogen fertilizer that provides a source of nitrogen to plants. Promotes vigorous plant growth, flowering, and fruiting, leading to higher crop yields and quality.
  3. Phosphate Fertilizers: Derived from phosphate rock, these fertilizers provide phosphorus, a vital nutrient for plant growth and development. Essential for root development, energy transfer, and seed formation in crops, ensuring optimal yield and quality

Resins Redefined: Explore Cutting-Edge Solutions

Resins are used from coatings and adhesives to construction, electronics and beyond.

  1. Epoxy Resins: Known for their high strength, durability, and chemical resistance. Used in coatings, adhesives, composites, and electronic encapsulation.
  2. Polyester Resins: Known for their excellent corrosion resistance, UV resistance and weatherability. Used in fiberglass composites, marine applications, and automotive parts.
  3. Polyurethane Resins: Known for their exceptional flexibility, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, excellent adhesion, impact resistance, and weatherability, making them ideal for automotive, construction, & industrial applications.
  4. Acrylic Resins: Known for their transparency, weatherability, and chemical resistance. Used in coatings, adhesives, and emulsions for their excellent color retention and gloss properties.
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Synthetic Fiber

Elevate Our Synthetic Fiber Innovations

Synthetic fibers have exceptional strength, durability, and versatility, used from apparel and upholstery to industrial and technical textiles.

  1. Polyester Fiber: Known for its strength, durability, and wrinkle resistance. Used in apparel, home furnishings, and technical textiles.
  2. Nylon Fiber: Excellent abrasion resistance and elasticity. Used in apparel, hosiery, and industrial applications.
  3. Polypropylene Fiber: Known for its moisture resistance and thermal insulation properties. Used in upholstery, geotextiles, and automotive interiors.
  4. Acrylic Fiber: Soft and warm synthetic fiber with wool-like properties and excellent color retention. Used in knitwear, blankets, and carpets for its softness, warmth, and fade resistance.

Transforming Industries with Advanced Polymer Solutions

Polymers are versatile compounds that form the foundation of countless products and applications, revolutionizing industries ranging from packaging and construction to healthcare and electronics.

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%Commodities Just Imagine%

Revolutionize Formulations with Our Surfactant Solutions

Dive into the world of Commodities Just Imagine’s Surfactants, also known as surface-active agents, play a vital role from household cleaning products to industrial processes, offering benefits such as emulsification, foaming, and wetting.

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